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                               There are many aspects of our environment that affect the way we live our 
                                    lives.   All of these influences are complex in nature and are defined by their
                                    many facets.  
                                One aspect, which is often overlooked, is the significance of our physical
                                    environment to our lives: the architecture, the decor, the furnishings.   
                                    These elements define our physical space and affect the way we live and 
                                    think, often without our conscious awareness.  The lines of the architecture,
                                    the hue of the colors, and the design of our furniture go unnoticed, yet they
                                    influence our existence in a dynamic and continuous way.

Benchmark Designs, Incorporated has worked for over twenty five years to bring to the world
   pieces of furniture that improve the lives of their owners.  With thought to design, line,
   proportion, and function, we strive to produce superior works of art that not only meet the
   physical needs of their users but that also address their need for beauty of form.  They stand up
   to daily uses, yet endure the test of time and retain their beauty.  Humans have a natural sense 
   of form and design.  We attempt to create works of art that meet or exceed the expectations of 
   our clients.  And, in our twenty-five years of work, we have never had a dissatisfied customer.

Just as the influences on our lives are complex, so is the nature of each of these elements.
    Furniture manufacturing is composed of a complex set of variables which require individualized 
    attention.   Cabinetry, unlike other art forms, has as it basis the use of a precious natural 
    resource - wood.   Our mission is to take this resource and raise it to its highest possible form,  
    so that its harvest has not been in vain, but has added to the fabric of the world.

From your initial design, to the selection of material, and the ultimate production, we give every
    aspect of our work the consideration it  requires.  We offer a full service "in house" facility.
    All of our work  is handcrafted and one of a kind.  We select only the finest raw  lumber, the
    highest quality hardware, and use only naturally sensitive finishes.   Our goal is to work in
    harmony with the environment and produce a high quality product.  All of the work presented
    here, in our visual portfolio, was created by hand.  All of the moldings are of unique
    design and manufacture.  All of the decorative elements and carvings are done by hand by a
    master cabinetmaker with over thirty years of experience.  We are a small, privately held
    company with a team that has worked together since our inception with a common sense of

We look forward to your inquiries.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.  
    We work for a private clientele with unique needs.  We will provide cost quotations at no 
    charge and we will work with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction and personalized care.

                                                                                                          Timothy S. Conley
Our Philosophy